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Friday, February 14, 2014

It was an successfully the webinar with the experts of SharePoint

Yesterday we had a Webinar where the attenders had the opportunity to do questions about SharePoint to a rich panel of experts of SharePoint and where each of one answered giving the best practices to resolve the problem.


If you have any question or you want to know something about SharePoint follows to one of them and then you can send ask the question that you have.

Expertos WebCast 

Gustavo Velez
Fabian Imaz - @fabianiaz -
David Martos - @davidmartos -
Miguel Tabera - @migueltabera -
Juan Carlos Gonzalez - @jcgm1978
Alberto Diaz - @adiazcan -
Mario Cortes - @mariocortesf -
Edin Kapic - @ekapic -
Gerardo Reyes - @sihbher -
Adrian Diaz - @adriandiaz81 -
Ricardo Muñoz - @rmunozcr -
Juan Manuel Herrera - @jmhogua -
Juan Andres Valenzuela - @jandresval -
Haarón Gonzalez - @haarongonzalez -
Andrés Rojas - @arojaspa -
Vielka Rojas - @vkrojas -
Santiago Porras - @saintwukong -
Daniel Seara - @daniel_seara -

I want to say thank you to all the communities of Spain and Latin America.


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