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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SharePoint Council 2013– Solutions ECM in SharePoint

On 5 of September we had our annual event as each year, SharePoint Council. In this event we did a private event where whom attend the event got their invitation via email. The topic of this year was ECM solutions over SharePoint and we had the testimonial of one our customer talking about their experience using SharePoint as ECM platform.

Here you can get the presentation (Spanish):

Some photos of the event:WP_20130905_003

Image 1 – Juan Manuel giving the first session, why and how ECM Solution helps


Image 2 – The attenders of SharePoint CouncilFabian

Image 3 – Fabian Imaz (@fabianimaz) talking about the features of SharePoint to crate a ECM Solutions


Image 4 – The team that worked behind scene to have a great event, thanks to all.


John said...

Hello Fabián, judging by the photos it looks like you had an attentive audience this year at the Sharepoint council.

Fabián Imaz said...


It was an amazing event :)

Fabián Imaz said...


It was an amazing event :)