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Sunday, January 6, 2013

CopartiMOSS, the magazine was renewed.

Today is a big date, today we are released a new number of CompartiMOSS, the number 14, the magazine of SharePoint in Spanish. After of 5 years and 13 numbers we thought that the magazine grew up between us and need a new commitment with the lectors, for this we created a web site to access to the content and also we were working with a team of professional in the redesigning the magazine.

The magazine is free and you don’t pay anything to access it. All works were sponsored by companies like AvePoint, Arkano, Siderys & Bsn, General de Software and Nitido without them we couldn’t do these great things, thank you for their help

The magazine


The new web site


The Windows 8 Application

Captura de pantalla 1

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