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Monday, May 28, 2012

SharePoint in the tropical paradise

The title of this article is about an idea that began with Juan Manuel (Siderys and BSN) and we will be running in the coming months, "SharePoint in the tropical paradise," the idea is simple, build a series of live or recorded events, from remote beaches, volcanoes and rainforest in Costa Rica, we will be giving more information of the first session in the next weeks, if you are interested in sponsoring these events contact us.

On May 27th I had the pleasure of going to the National Park Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, a paradise of forests, jungles and beaches of white sand and turquoise water. The experience was unforgettable and highly recommended, is a place that you must visit if you come to Costa Rica, the trip from San Jose takes 2 hours by car. Once in the park, we have started in the Manuel Antonio beach and of course, without hesitation, throwing everything in the sand and we ran to the ocean, great!.

After enjoying a long bath in the pacific ocean, we provisioned with comfortable shoes and we move into the paths of the rainforest to reach the lookout, after 30 minutes of walking we reached the lookout, the view just made us forget all the road traveled and stayed a while enjoying and taking pictures.

We started to down (we have been walking 1.3 km in the rainforest), this time with the idea of going to other National Park beaches, we find that "hidden port" was closed but we found other beach, Gemeral, beaches of white sand, volcanic rocks and rainforest, a paradise!

Mirador Manuel Antonio Llegando a la Playa
que lindo árbol nos faltaba la heladerita
Rocas en Gemeral JM y Fa en la playa
Fabian en el mirador playa gemeral

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