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Thursday, September 8, 2011

BDC Litle for WSS 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007

We have released as free this product developed for SharePoint Server 2007 and Wss 3.0. We not will give support from now in this product and only the customer that bought it will have support, then is your responsibility install and use this product in your environment.
This product was created to have fields in lists or documents libraries connect to a Data Base SharePoint, especially in WSS 3.0 where BDC is not supported.

The features of the products are:

· Easy install and uninstall.

· Selects multiple columns

· Preview of the data.

· View of the data selected.

Install and uninstall
A setup to install and uninstall the tool in SharePoint.

1 setup

Select multiple columns
In the creation of new field for a list or document library, we can set the query to the data base and we can select one or more columns to show in the field.

2 connection configuration

3 creating select

Preview of the data
When we are adding or editing a new item we can see the data saved in the database in a grid, select one row and save the new item.

4 creating a new field

View of the data selected
In the views of the lists or document libraries you have a custom view of the row selected for this item

5 viewing item



Anonymous said...

Can not edit SQL statement after the field has been created and populated with dataa.

Fabián Imaz said...

The problem is when you create the field and populated with data the column is not editable. Yo need create again the column