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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Managed Account in SharePoint 2010

In this post we are going to review a new feature added in central administration of SharePoint 2010, I’m talking about the managed account option to set credentials to use in the farm. To register a new managed account we must go to the security section and to select the link “Configure managed accounts” as we can see in image 1.

[Image 1]
1 Managed Account Central Administration

In image 2 we can see the page to configure the accounts (user, password and domain) that we want to have register in the farm.

[Image 2]
2 Accounts

In this page we could add, modify or eliminate existing accounts. In image 3 we can see the page to register a new account and we can configure an alert to send an email to the administrator saying that the password will expire.

[Image 3]
3 New managed account sharepoint 2010

We should load the name of account with the following format, account\domain and the password. Once we configured the account, we are going to save pressing the button “Ok”.In this feature we can add all accounts needed in SharePoint 2010 to handle de services of the farm and using it’s in different configurations, in image 4 we can see how we can create a new web application and to select one of accounts registered to configure de application pool.

[Image 4]
4 creating new web application with managed account

Fabián Imaz

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