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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Content Organizer feature to route documents by Content Type in SharePoint 2010

The next articles will be about ECM (Enterprise Content Management) with SharePoint 2010 to handle documents in our sites.
The first thing that we are going to do is create a site using a template to create sites. This option is not essential to do an ECM solution but we will have some features created.
In Image 1 we can see the page in SharePoint 2010 to create sites, lists and other things in our portal.

[Image 1]
1 Create Site Document Center

Well, when the process finished we should have a site created as we can see in image 2.

[Image 2]
2 Site Document Center Created

The next step is activating the feature needed to upload a document in our site and move it to the document library using a content type.
As we can see in image 3 the feature “Content Organizer” is not activated, then we will activate this feature in this site.

[Image 3]
3 Activating Feature Content Organizer

When this feature is activated add a new document library named “Drop Off Library” and 2 new entries in the “Site Administration” section in the “Site Settings” as we can see in image 4.

[Image 4]
4 New Options Site Administration

The first option in the “Site Administration” is “Content Organizer Settings”. This option has the basic configuration for this feature and in this example we are going to use the default settings.
The second option is “Content Organizer Settings” that has the rules to route the documents to document libraries in our site. In image 5 we can see a few rules created for this example.

[Image 5]
 5 Content Organizer Rule Settings

We need add new rules to this configuration depending of our content types and document libraries created to use in the ECM solution. In image 6 we can see the page that is using to create or edit a rule.

[Image 6]
 6 Creating New Roule for Content Organizer

As we can see, the first step is set a name to our rule. After that we will go to set a priority for this rule (priority of execution). The other step is select the content type that will be used in this rule, additionally we can set a condition to this rule, I mean, I want to route this content type but only the documents for this condition (property = value).
The last step will be to set a path to move the document. We have 2 options; the first is based in a connection saved in SharePoint 2010 (In other post I will be talking about it). The second option we should select the document library where we want save the document.
For this example I’m using 2 content types and 2 document libraries with the content type associated.
In image 7 we can see the page used by SharePoint to upload document. This page will be the same for all document libraries because is a page created in the document library "Drop Off Library” created when activated the feature. This document library is used how an intermediate point to upload the document in SharePoint 2010.

[Image 7]
7 Upload Document Using Content Organizer

Once loaded the metadata for the content type we will select the button “Submit” to process the document using the rule created.

Fabián Imaz


Anonymous said...

Hallo Fabian,

Is there a way to let the organizer (rule based) send documents to my personal folder on the mysite ?
Thanks for the reply

Anonymous said...

do you know if it is possible to send documents rule based to my personal folder in my MySite.


Siderys Elite Software said...


You can configure that the documents could be send to other site collections in the farm. In the settings of content organizer you could enabled this.