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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to do Backup and Restore in SharePoint 2010

Now we are going to review how we can do backups and restores in the new central administration of SharePoint 2010. As we can see in Image 1, the central administration has a section with the options.

[Image 1]

In this section we could found the common tasks of backup and restore that we have had in SharePoint 2007 and the new options that have added in SharePoint 2010, as we can see in image 2.

[Image 2]

The first section “Farm Backup and Restore” have the options to do a backup and restore of our farm in SharePoint 2010. The first task is to do a backup of the farm then we are going to select the option “Perform a backup” to access to configuration wizard as we can see in image 3.

[Image 3]

In this step we are going to select for which part of our gram we want to create a backup, for this example I will select all farm and after that press “Next” to go to the second step of the wizard as we can see in image 4.

[Image 4]

In the last step of the wizard we need configure the options of our backup:

1) Backup Component: Show our previous selection.

2) Backup Type: Here we need select the type of backup, Full (default) or Incremental. It depends of if we have a full Backup or not.

3) Backup Only Configuration Settings: In this option we must select the content of our backup.

4) Backup File Location: We need indicate the name and folder where the job will save our backup. The folder must be a shared folder in the network.

With the information loaded we are going to select the button “Start Backup” and a job will be create to do the backup. In Image 8 we can see the section where we can see the status jobs for the backups and restores that are running in our farm.

Other option that SharePoint 2010 has available in the section “Farm Backup and Restore” is the option to do a restore of our farm from a saved backup. This option is a wizard where in the first option we must select the file and the second step we must select the options of our restore.
Also we have a configuration section to establish the common options to do backups and restore in our farms. In image 5 we can see this page opened from the link “Configure backup settings”.

[Image 5]

In this section we must load how much threads we want use in our backups and restores when they are running in our farm and the path to the shared folder in our server.
In image 6 we can see the section in SharePoint 2010 to review the status of the jobs running in the farm.

[Image 6]

Well, we were looking the options that have had in SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 also has available. Now we are going to talk about 2 new options that have done for new this version.

The first option is doing backups of our site collections in the central administration, as we can saw in image 2 there is a section named “Granular Backup” and the first option bellow that is “Perform a site collection backup”. In image 7 we can see the new option configuration section.

[Image 7]

We must select the site collection that we want do a backup. In the section to select it, we have a special control to navigate in all web application created in SharePoint 2010 and all sites collection of them. In image 8 we can see the popup opened.

[Image 8]
8 Sellect Site Collection to Backup

After selected the site collection that we wanted only needed to press the button "Start Backup" to start with the backup.

The second option is to create a backup of a site or a list and it’s depends of the configuration that we will do in this section as we can see in image 9 and we have gone through the link named “Export a site or list”.

[Image 9]
9 Backup List In Site Collection

In this section we must select:

1) Site collection: the firs dropdown is to select the site collection where the list or site was created.

2) The Site: the second dropdown is to select the site that we want backup or the site where the list was created.

3) The List: If we want to do a backup of a list then we need to select it in this dropdown

4) Export Full Security: We must select the checkbox if we want the backup has all security information.

5) Export Versions: We must select one of the options in the dropdown to set if the versions in the list will be considered

Select the button “Start Backup” and job will be created to do the task.

The last thing that I want to share is the new PowerShell command line incorporated. SharePoint 2010 installs it as we can see in image 10.

[Image 10]
10 PowerShell SharePoint 2010

In the section 1 we can see some commands that we can use to do backups and restores using PowerShell.

[Section 1]

Backup-SPFarm -Directory \\Server\Temp\Farm -BackupMethod Full

Restore-SPFarm -Directory <BackupShare> -RestoreMethod [new/overwrite]

Import-SPWeb -Identity <Site URL> -Path <Export file name> [-Force] [-NoFileCompression] [-Verbose]

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