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Sunday, January 10, 2010

New features in lists of SharePoint 2010

We are going to see the news things that the lists have in SharePoint 2010. These features weren’t in the last version and if we want have one of them we must develop it.
The first thing that I want to share is the new modal popup that SharePoint 2010 open when we are going to create a new element and this functionality was did in Silverlight and we have all options to create lists, sites, pages and more as we can see in Image 1.

[Image 1]

Once we loaded the information to create the list, SharePoint 2010 going to home page of the list as we can see in Image 2. Here we can see the new toolbar, Ribbon.

[Image 2]

In the new toolbar we found all functionalities of the list and one of them is the link to go to list settings. In image 3 we can see the setting page of the list.

[Image 3]

In this article we are going to see 3 news features of the list and one of them I will do a dedicate post because this feature is very interesting, “form settings”.
The first thing that I want to share is the new settings incorporated in the custom filed configuration. One of them is the capability to have a field where the values are unique, in image 4 we can see how we can set this option in the custom field.

[Image 4]

One of the new features that SharePoint 2010 has released in the UI is the modal popup. When we are going to create a new item in the list, a modal popup is opened to load the information for the item. If we load a value in the field with the same value saved before, SharePoint shows a notification saying the value already exists as we can see in Image 5.

[Image 5]

Other important feature is the possibility to have a custom validation for the field. This validation is based in a formula and will be fired when we try to save the item in the list as we can see in Image 6.

[Image 6]

In Image 7 we can see the notification loaded in the configuration of the field and is shows when the formula is true.

[Image 7]

Other new feature in the list is the “Validation Settings” where we can create a formula to validate the item. In this validation we can use all fields created in the list to create a formula and set a custom error message as we can see in Image 8.

[Image 8]

When we try to save the item in the list the validation will be execute and SharePoint 2010 shows our custom message is the formula is true as we can see in image 9.

[Image 9]

The last feature that I want to share is the possibility to add a ranking field to each item on the list. To configure it we must access to setting of the list and to select the option “Rating Settings”. In this section we must select the option “Yes” and a new field will be added to the list, in Image 10 we can see the configuration section of the list.

[Image 10]


In the image 11 we can see the new field added to the list and this field have a multiple starts to rate the item.

[Image 11]

Fabián Imaz

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