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Monday, January 11, 2010

Custom form with InfoPath 2010 to create and edit element in SharePoint 2010

In this post I want to share a feature that I liked because we could create a custom form quickly using InfoPath 2010 to create or edit items in a list.
Once we are in the list in the Ribbon, we have an icon to access the functionality as we can see in image 1.

[Image 1]

The client InfoPath 2010 installed in the machine that we are working will be opened by SharePoint when we selected the link and a design view will be opened with a default form loaded, as we can see in image 2.

[Image 2]

Now we have the features of InfoPath 2010 to modify or create our form as needed. In image 3 we can see our form modified.

[Image 3]

Well, now we need to publish our form in SharePoint 2010 but before to do that we need remember that the form will be publish in “Forms Services” and the functionalities that we can use are less than if we are creating a standard form.
To publish our form we must access to the “File” section, once there we are going to select the options “Quick Publish” as we can see in image 4.

[Image 4]

As we have opened the form from the list, we haven't loaded anything to publish it. Once the process finish should see a message, as we can see in image 5, saying that the process is ok.

[Image 5]

In image 6 we can see our form using to add a new element in the list.

[Image 6]

In image 7 we can see our form but in this case is being used to edit an element in the list.

[Image 7]

If we want to use the default form of SharePoint 2010 again, we must go to the setting of the list and select the option “Form Settings”. In this option we should select the option “Use the default SharePoint Form” and if we want delete the InfoPath form we must check the second option, as we can see in image 8.

[Image 8]

Fabián Imaz

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