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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Silverlight + Sharepoint 2010, demostración del Run Reload, Argentina

I want to share the demo that we did to the event Run Reload in Buenos Airs, Argentina. This demo combined the power of Silverlight and the new version of Sharepoint Server 2010. In this case you can see how we can create a application to answer a survey created in Sharepoint 2010 and as it save the all answers in a list of Sharepoint.
I need to thank Alvaro (Siderys Elite Software) that was working a lot of hours in the creation, animation and design of the application, without him, I couldn't have done it, thank you!”!!

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In the next days I will share an article to show how we can create an application in Silverlight to Sharepoint Server 2010 and this application with parameters to use it in Sharepoint 2010.arepoint 2010.

Fabián Imaz

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Praveen said...

Here is another introduction post on Silverlight Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010. This will also helps the devs to understand and create applications. Take a look at it.

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