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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010

Here I would like to talk about the new version of the SharePoint Designer because it has changed a lot from its predecessor. The new version becomes an essential tool for those who work in SharePoint. This tool as all products in the Office system incorporates a Ribbon toolbar where you will find all common actions we are accustomed to use.

Let's start with the home page when we connect to a SharePoint site. In it we will find the configuration sections of the site where you can see the description of the site, created groups, sub-sites and many more settings. This information is editable from this page if we need to. Image 1 shows the homepage of the site we are connected to.

[Image 1]

Browsing the contents and sections is very simple and dynamic; Image 2 shows how by selecting an option from the left menu (Master Pages) the content is displayed in the right section.

[Image 2]

We can also pin the contents of an item in the left menu so that it stays always visible and have access to the information we want. In Image 3 we can see how the content of the Master Page section is displayed in the left bottom section and in the right area we are browsing a folder in that section.

[Image 3]

Sections and pages will be opened in different tabs so we can return to them at any time. In Image 4 we see how we are editing a Content Type in SharePoint Designer in a tab while others are still open.

[Image 4]

When creating a new item, a content type; a modal window will be opened to fill the information; we can see the new opened window in Image 5

[Image 5]

When edit a page we have a view where we can see the configuration information. If we are to edit the code we can do so directly by selecting the page in the horizontal navigation menu and selecting the Edit option as we can see in Image 6.

[Image 6]

The page editor is similar to the previous version where we can split the window in two parts and we have the toolbar at the right as we can see in Image 7.

[Image 7]


Last but not least, I want to show the SharePoint Designer options window, in which we can create new items. To access this page we have to select the orange icon in the upper right section, as we can see in Image 8.

[Image 8]

In the next articles we will be working with this tool because we will be creating a lot of things in SharePoint.

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