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Friday, February 13, 2009

Create a Custom Site Search Result

If we have a custom site search result in our site collection we need create it using a custom template of SharePoint. To do this we must access to the site collection settings or sub sites settings where we want to have this search result site. In the image 1 we can see the section “Sites and Workspaces”

[Image 1]

We must select the link “Create” to access the page to create a new site using the search result site template. In the image 2 we can see this form and the specific section where SharePoint have a site template.

[Image 2]

We must setup the name, description, site address and we must select the template of SharePoint. In this case we are selecting “Search Center”.

Now we must configure our site collection to setup this new site as the default site to process the result of the search engine. In the image 3 we can see the section in the site collection configuration to do this.

[Image 3]

In this section we must set the URL of our custom site. In the image 4 we can see the page

[Image 4]

The next step is to save the new configuration pressed the button “Ok”. Now the result will be show in the new site created

Fabián Imaz
Siderys Elite Software

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